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Burnout Prevention



Marriage Repair -
The Art of Coming Home
From Work

Coping with Depression

Apologies that Work:
"The Reparative Apology"


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How to Make Your
Marriage Thrive!


Emotional Arguments
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you see us individually and as a couple?

I do not usually work with a couple and see either person individually on an ongoing basis. Sometimes, when I am working with a couple, I will see both individually for an occasional session. But this is only to further the couples work. It is never ongoing long term individual therapy. If I am seeing a couple and one or both clients would like individual therapy, I refer them out to a different therapist for individual therapy.

2. What happens in couples counseling?

When couples come to see me there usually has been some damage to the relationship. So the counseling includes both a focus on repairing damage, improving communication skills so the couple doesn't continue to damage the relationship, and learning new skills to keep the relationship happy and loving. So couples counseling is a conversation between the members of the couple and the therapist. I will stop arguments that are escalating, because I do not want the damaging communication to continue in my office.

3. Do you only offer couples counseling or do you also offer
individual therapy.

I offer both individual and couples counseling.



If you have any questions that are not answered above, please email me with your questions or call at 415-339-7890 or 707-583-2305.



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