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Depression & Therapy

How serious a situation is depression? Depression really ranges from very mild to very serious situations. In a very severe case of depression, you may be unable to get out of bed, to get anything done and unable to even get to work. While probably everyone has felt a mild sense of being depressed at some point in their life, when that depressed feeling stops you from working, socializing and taking care of your basic needs, that is a depression that you deserve to treat in therapy. The problem here is that if you are depressed, you may not feel like you deserve treatment.  Your depression may have increased a sense of hopelessness, and low self-esteem.  In less severe cases, depression may still leave you feeling unhappy, or unsatisfied with your life. It may limit how much you achieve in your life, or may cause you to not follow your dreams and goals.

What are the symptoms of depression? Signs of depression include:

Depressed mood
Trouble sleeping
Loss of energy most days
Feeling worthless
Loss of interest or pleasure in most things
Thoughts of suicide

This is just a partial list of some things you may experience with a depression.

How does therapy help? Therapy is used sometimes to treat a depression. Therapy can help lift the depression, sometimes forever, sometimes for a period of time. Therapy works by addressing some of the causes of depression. Those things that seem to be related to depression include: difficult relationships in the past and present, traumatic experiences from the recent and distant past, emotions that are unexpressed in healthy ways, and ways of thinking that were learned from those around you, from both childhood and adulthood. Another major trigger and cause for depression is intense or long term stress. Too much stress can lead to burn-out and resulting depression and/or anxiety.

For further information about depression, take a look at my article, also on this website.

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